Reality Check #007

In the past two weeks I have realized…

Note:  I normally try and post my Reality Checks weekly.  However, the past couple of weeks have been one massive reality check, if you know what I mean!

=     One of the many not so good things about having three kids with a ten (10) year spread between oldest and youngest:  As the oldest was FINALLY outgrowing the Power Rangers, the youngest was just getting into them! 

=     My oldest daughter is an AMAZING mother!

=     Our National Anthem:  I can sing parts of it IF the song is being sung in the background.  But the theme song to Spongebob SquarePants?  Every single word is permanently etched in my mind and can be painfully recalled – in its entirety – at any given time!  That is pathetic!

=     My ceiling fans, which are constantly MOVING, have the most dust on them!  WTF?

=     When you are almost legally blind, it is NOT a good idea to shave without your glasses on!  (Trust me on this!)

=     Removing a set of acrylic nails hurts almost as bad as delivering a baby without an epidural!

=     My son has THE most beautiful red hair.  No matter how hard I try – or how much money I spend – I cannot get THAT identical color out of a bottle!

=     The faint sound of water synchronistically dripping in the bathroom amplifies a kajillion times in the middle of the night!

=     If you do not do daily “maintenance” on the bikini area you recently shaved, then you MUST have the MOST self control. 

=     Scratching your crotch in public is NOT a good thing!  (See above)

=     My Secret antiperspirant/deodorant says:  Apply to underarms only.  WTF?  Where ELSE would I apply it?

=     I have declared war against mosquitoes!  Sadly, I’m losing!

=     As each week passes, I feel a bit more like the Little Engine That Could!

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